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What's Your Value?

Find out in just five minutes.
Then, build even more value.
"I was amazed how this assessment brought out areas I really needed to improve. Today, having value is critical in personal and business relationships. This is a really great tool to use and share with others."

What is ValuSum?

In just a few minutes, you can take the world's only free and private assessment that measures your personal and professional value. The ValuSum assessment is a powerful resource that quickly reveals incredible insights into your value. Take the assessment and see for yourself.

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How Does ValuSum Work?

The ValuSum assessment measures your value in three important areas. The assessment scores your internal, external and digital value. ValuSum uses a highly intelligent online scoring process that breaks down your total value in those three areas. By identifying your strengths and limitations, the assessment results will help you understand where you stand and position you to start building your value in areas you need to improve.

Why Take The Assessment?

Today, we place a value on everything but rarely do we understand or measure our own value. The more value you have to offer, the more likely you will connect with opportunities and grow. Your value can change all the time and the assessment helps you monitor your progress over time. This is why we suggest taking the ValuSum assessment several times per year.

We guarantee that after taking the assessment, you will discover some new dimensions to your life and your own value. How's that for just five minutes of your time! Go for it.

Get Your Free Value Assessment